With the Artematica kitchen, every personal taste of the client is enhanced until the creation of a unique product, like a work of art. The material surfaces are combined to enhance the tactile experience. Every single detail is designed to make gestures easier and respect high safety standards by rounding along with the profiles.

forma mentis

Slanted and micro-striped edges allow the door to grip perfectly, while extremely material surfaces enhance the tactile experience. Forma Mentis allows you to create infinitely customizable kitchen environments thanks to the choice of the thickness of the top, the profiles, the different color solutions.

genius loci

The Genius Loci kitchen has a drawer inspired by the secretaire, a secret space that is not only functional space but becomes a distinctive element like a sign on a canvas. Different finishes and possible processes of craftsmanship excellence.

Logica Celata

Logica Celata is the result of ingenious research aimed at rethinking space in total ergonomics. The models available are Bar, Kitchen, and Preparation, each proposed with solutions for specific needs. Configurations where everything is ready to be used in the most effective way possible and to be completely hidden once the processing phase is finished.


Riciclantica has an aluminum structure on which the thinnest and lightest door in the world fits. The maximum dematerialization in response to the needs of perfect functionality and refinement of the lines. Given the strong reduction in the total amount of material used - in addition to the choice of eco-tech finishes - Riciclantica is also an extremely eco-compatible solution.

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