Aranea: contemporary living

by aranea
Sep , 18
Aranea: contemporary living

Aranea: a new reality dedicated to the House in the digital era

A new reality is born in the field of interior design. A team of designers with a vision in which Design and Domotica collaborate in the design of living spaces really tailored.

Aranea is based in a modern structure, where it lives with two companies that deal respectively with advanced plant engineering (Domotics, audio video, etc.) and Office and Contract. An exhibition environment where the visitor will experience a “sensory” path to learn about the new trends related to the use of living space. A showroom in which to find cutting-edge solutions for a house projected into the future in which coexist the different components of living in the digital world: home, work, relaxation and entertainment.

A modern environment in which the visitor will be able to grasp new and different ideas on how today we can conceive living as well as the workplace.

via Emilia Parmense, 148/d - 29122 - Piacenza
Tel. 0523 594202 | Fax 0523 623083
P. Iva 01794810331
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